Grateful for Freedom

Today I am grateful for our freedom. I work in places where people are much less free than we are here. In Afghanistan, the women in this photo weren’t free to show us their faces. Nor are they permitted to drive. This month I’ll be working in Uganda, where if a person is overheard criticizing the government, that person can be arrested. Here in the US we can share our feelings and beliefs without fear. For that, I am very grateful. Jennifer Braun

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Jennifer Braun
Thankful for safe water

Today I am thankful for safe water. Where I am here in the town of Entebbe, Uganda, we have safe water. Where I’m going up North tomorrow to work for this month, not so much. In the rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, making sure we have water that is safe to drink it is a big part of how many people spend their days. Many, many women all over the world spend a huge amount of their time carrying water. I see them around me all the time, heavy jugs on their heads. If you are fortunate to have access to clean, running water, that is something for which you might consider yourself very fortunate.

Jennifer Braun
Welcome to the Gratitude Blog

Welcome! Today, we are grateful that you are here at our blog! In an effort to made gratitude a more conscious part of our lives and faith, St. Stephens will be posting messages of gratitude on this blog. We hope it helps everyone to find a multitude of reasons to be grateful.

Jennifer Braun
Today I am grateful for persistence

Today I am grateful for the way things grow in cracks in pavement. It reminds me that no matter how hard we try to pave the world, nature and life will win.

Usually, it's just grass, but today I saw these petunias, which had seeded them selves from last year’s planting in a nearby planter next to an office building.

Janet Strickler